Maximize Your Project Wins With Email Marketing

Craig Price

Maximize Your Wins With Email Marketing
Nothing creates momentum in economic development, like a successful project win. A company just did their due diligence on your community and chose to make a substantial investment, and that fact is powerful. However, it is crucial to remember that your work is not done until you tell others about your success. We believe this strategy is the most potent selling point towards your next project. 

Keep in mind that every audience may require a different level of detail, tone, and overall strategy.  There could also be different call to actions that you may want to communicate that could only be relevant to each respective audience. 

Your Local Community
After a major win is no time to be bashful. Tell the companies and residents in your community who their new neighbor will be and why they chose to create jobs and invest in your area. Create some buzz and highlight your hard work to the people that find this news most exciting!

Your local community is the most important audience.  This group can be an advocate that can help you uncover new opportunities, so be sure to educate them on your value.  Demonstrating how you assist companies may make them aware of how they can leverage your services.  

When communicating to your local community about the recent win, try to include a direct quote from the company. It should include some of the factors that helped the company decide to locate or expand in your region, and it should provide detail about the type of work the company will do in the area.  It could be a great win to facilitate a new relationship between companies in your community. 

Site Selectors
Site selectors need to evaluate multiple communities for their clients, and nothing gets your organization on the shortlist faster than a significant win. That recent win implies that your community is low risk or holds certain advantages worth exploring. 

An email to the site selector community should be short and to the point.  This audience receives several communications weekly from across the country.  You want to stand out and communicate the key points of the deal and conclude the email.  Feel free to make this email more image-focused or to use bullets. 

Other Companies
Companies that have investments in mind are going to be interested in why another company chose your community, the process they went through, and how economic developers can help them.   

A best practice is to find a small list of peers to the company that just located or expanded in your community and market the win to the leaders of these companies. Be thoughtful and present your message in a way that adds value by informing the audience.  Keep it concise and offer your expertise should the company need it.  

About The Author

Craig, owner of Propel Development and, came into economic development in 2014. He fell in love with the strategic nature of the industry and is passionate about making a positive impact on communities as well as helping others find their niche in economic development.