Recruitment Services


Surrounding yourself with the right colleagues may be the most important factor in the success of your business. Search is more than just placing candidates for us. We are a company founded on the ability to turn over rocks, and we don't stop until we find what we are looking for. Our client's needs come first and we work hard to understand what those needs are so that we can identify the perfect employee when we see them.

Our Process

Propel has worked long and hard to develop a process that goes beyond resumes and job experience. Our process is focused on helping your organization a match that aligns with your company culture and values.


Preparation is the foundation of success and recruiting is no different. We spend the time it takes with our clients to understand their needs and help them define the roll. Then we develop a job description with the goal of defining a candidate prototype.


The right candidates need visibility to your job. We start with fresh, creative, and unique marketing to ensure that we are getting interest from seekers that believe the job description resonates with their career goals. We proactively go out and find top tier candidates until we have a strong pool of candidates.


Vetting, culture fit evaluation, virtual screenings, and decision making evaluation are critical to make sure a candidate can perform. We approach reference checks differently to reduce the risk of making the wrong hire. Our client's only interview candidates in the 9th inning of the process.

Learn About our 360 Culture Fit Index

We take culture fit very seriously. Let's talk about how we evaluate our client's mission, vision, and values to make sure we find candidates the are a perfect culture fit. The value of our process goes beyond the hiring process!

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