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Inside Sales Recruitment

Having the process and personell to generate leads can undoubtedly increase your bottom line. Propel is here to assist organizations with both. Our business is business development and we are passionate about helping organizations develop a stronger sales strategy along with the right talent to execute.

Our Process

Propel has worked long and hard to develop a process that goes beyond resumes and job experience. Our process is focused on helping your organization find a match that aligns with your company culture and values. We want to help our customers understand their needs, set goals and develope process for their future employees, and work with their team until they are performing.


Preparation is the foundation of success. Every organization needs a solid process before hiring a new sales rep. Propel is here to help you acquire the tools you need, develop a metric driven process, and to help you clarify a go to market strategy.


Inside sales and generating leads comes natural to competitive individuals. We are going to help you identify that individual and give them the confidence, process, and support to be successful.


This process isn't about helping you to make a hire and then making our exit. We want to conduct regular coaching sessions with your new rep help them continue to gain confidence, sharpen their craft, and remain disciplined.

Learn About our 360 Culture Fit Index

We take culture fit very seriously. Let's talk about how we evaluate our client's mission, vision, and values to make sure we find candidates the are a perfect culture fit. The value of our process goes beyond the hiring process!

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