Get To Know Us

Propel Development, based in Delaware, Ohio, works to help organizations approach out-reach in a more consistent, thoughtful, and intelligent way. Whether the goal is lead generation or recruiting we take a strategic approach to meet the needs of our clients.

Meet Craig

Craig has a passion for sales strategy, but he is not your typical salesperson. Marketing strategy, sales enablement through technology, and developing sales processes to create efficiencies are what have driven Craig throughout his career.

When Craig came into economic development in 2014 he fell in love with the strategic nature of the industry. Craig recognized that economic developers have a necessity to be a jack of all trades for their organizations, and soon followed the realization that there was an opportunity to help economic development organizations focus on lead generation in business attraction.  

Meet Alex

Alex has spent her career in sales, marketing and economic development. Originally from a small town, she has seen first-hand the positive impact a new employer can make on a community. Alex strives to make a difference for every one of Propel Development's clients.

In 2019, Alex joined the Propel Development team and her strategic nature to helps innovate the way developers attract companies to invest in their communities and create jobs. 

Our Unique Value

Our unique value in the market is to provide economic development organizations with an outsourced inside sales rep that is an extension of your team. This rep is at your disposal 2-5 days per week, depending on your need. A sales manager will oversee this individual as they learn your market, identify individuals at target companies, schedule meetings directly for your team and follow up with prospects to keep the conversation going. This resource can be used for business attraction, trade shows, or BR&E. This is the model of the top economic development organizations are using and it ensures that business development never stops.  

Long story short...

Company direct lead generation is the best way to grow your pipeline. We have the tools, the proven process, and the team to help you find companies that are interested in your community.

Let's work together

Our team is excited to start brainstorming ideas for your business attraction goals. Get a free initial consultation to chat with our team to, inspire ideas for lead generation create business attraction goals and learn how our process works.