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How We Deliver Value in 15 Minutes

Sales Tech Stack

The tools you need to stop spinning your wheels and reimagine your sales process

Custom Sales Plan

A powerful combination of technology and sales processes customized for you

Quick Start Program

Using our free tool suggestions, you can start the process of reaching out to customers on day 1

Growth Assistance

We win when you win, so our team will be there for guidance from the start

Elevate Your Sales Process in 3 Simple Steps

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.


Your Consultation

Together let's uncover how your company can build the best sales process it has ever had. With fewer headaches and a higher ROI, your perfect process will be unique while leveraging our proven foundation.

We are in this with you. Let's discover how to use what you have and build what you need to create the sales performance that you want.


Your Plan

Once we understand your needs, we will build a custom plan using our sales accelerator framework. Your plan will include tools your competitors don't even know exist and a process to integrate them with ease. You can leverage the plan yourself or let us partner with you through the entire process. 

Let's see how an automated, customized sales process can be a perfect fit for your business!


Your Roadmap

Not its time for action! We help you map out the first 30-60-90 days to maximize your clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness. You will have an action plan to turn your sales success accelerator plan into a reality.

Pioneer these creative solutions to find your ideal customers more effectively than ever.

Bonus Step

Your Growth

Once you hit your initial performance targets, we can discuss how to add more fuel to your sales and really take your results to the next level.

You May Be Wondering...

Who's the Sales Success Accelerator designed for?

If you want to sell your product or service more effectively, this is designed for YOU. Every business is navigating a unique sales landscape, so we tailor the plan to fit your specific needs. However, the core principles of the Sales Success Accelerator can work for any business, in any industry that wants to grow.

What's in it for Propel?

We win when you win - it's that simple. Here is exactly how we benefit from your partnership:
1. We make $ when you use technology from one of our rigorously vetted affiliate partners, even if you don't want to become our client.
2. We have done the heavy lifting, so we are going to suggest we partner with you as needed to implement the sales plan presented to you.
3. There are no tricks or ulterior motives - we just love helping other salespeople sell using the best tools and processes to make your life easier!

Join The Sales Success Accelerator

Propel has created an inside sales process that gets results. If you are considering inside sales, just starting out, or need to improve your process then it's time to consider our sales tech stack and process. We know our system will create efficiency, allow you to measure and monitor results, and scale your outreach to drive more leads. The good news is that our process can drive results in as little as 10 hours a week.

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About Us

We are a small but mighty team of sales professionals who have a track record of helping our clients find insights most other businesses are missing. We are passionate about the Sales Success Acceleration Process because we know first hand what it is like to need more leads and sales. We built the system we needed to grow our own businesses and want to share the process we developed. Combining cutting-edge technology, proven sales frameworks, and modern psychology, we have built an approach, unlike anything you will find.

We would love to introduce ourselves!

Craig Price

Owner and President

Craig has a passion for sales strategy, but he is not your typical salesperson. Marketing strategy, sales enablement through technology, and developing sales processes to create efficiencies are what have driven Craig throughout his career. Propel Development was started as an outsourced sales solution to those that had trouble generating leads. Craig's vision is to make our learnings accessible to those just starting their inside sales journey.

Alex Leedy

Sales Operations

Alex is in charge of sales operations for Propel and uses her strategic nature to help innovate business development. She is tasked with helping our clients generate leads and helps our team learn and follow our sales process. Alex has spent her career working on different sales engagements and is passionate about helping our clients with targeting, messaging, and sales velocity!

Ethan Martin

Sales Strategy Consultant

Ethan is an entrepreneur and strategy consultant who has helped individuals, teams, and organizations across the US elevate their performance in sales, customer service, and marketing. He created a methodology for sales leaders to leverage their unique competitive edge to sell more effectively and teach their teams to do the same. He has grown his own company by helping others create clarity and confidence that allows them to perform at their highest levels.

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